Blend of technology & tradition

The best of both worlds can be achieved if we blend together technology and tradition. To give you potent herbal medicines with 100% efficacy, that is what we have done. We have stringent quality control measures in place so that using technical advancements in the field of herbal medicine we can give you products that are always successful in curing diseases and achieving the much needed balance between the five elements and the mind, body and spirit as well.
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Ayurveda the holistic medicine of India is known as the ‘science of life’ which is all for striking a balance between the concepts of wholeness and life. The ultimate principle that guides Ayurveda for the last 5000 years...
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AVVVS manufactures more than 300 Ayurveda formulations both in the classical and proprietary category. AVVVS is the proud manufacturer of an array of time tested special products which have bestowed a special place for the institution in the therapeutic arena...
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The founder of AVVVS Kaloor Neelakandan Vaidyar took himself into Ayurveda with the vision of taking healing and health to the needy. Anchoring on to the same principles of the ancestors the present management of AVVVS has envisaged a special concept of Ayurvaram Clinics.....
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