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The Arya Vaidya Vilasilni Vaidya Sala (AVVVS), a reputed and renowned multifaceted Ayurveda institution, established in 1921 has always been the safe custodian of Ayurveda,the holistic health science rooted and developed in India.The AVVVS, from the beginning has focused on healing the individual naturally and nourishing the society culturally. The AVVVS has made, is making and will make every attempt to bring smiles on the faces of the suffering by alleviating the pains, be it physical, mental or social.

Situated in the vibrant city of Kozhikode, the heart of Malabar,The AVVVS,the nonagenarian institution, has forever been innovative with its dedicated research and development team,always striving to make Ayurveda treatment and healthy lifestyle accessible to people from all walks of life.

The brainchild of the legendary visionary and eminent Ayurveda physician, Sree Kaloor Neelakandan Vaidyar, AVVVS has been carefully and passionately nurtured in the able and caring hands of the next two generations of this talented family who have lived up and are still continuing to uphold the vision and ambition of the founder.

Sree K. N. Ramadas Vaidyar, now no more, is the famous son of Sree Kaloor Neelakandan Vaidyar. Sree Ramadas Vaidyar was an eminent physician, gifted writer and a cultural personality. He was a happy combination of knowledge, wisdom, wits and generosity. Under his leadership AVVVS rose to new heights of success and diversified itself.

After the Vaidyar, the reins of AVVVS passed on to Dr. Manoj Kaloor BAMS, MD (Shaalaakya) who with a blend of inheritance, natural talent, excellent academic background and technical know -how steered the institution to become one of the industry leaders by effectively combining tradition with modernity. Dr. Reeja Manoj, BAMS with her vast knowledge of medicine manufacturing is at the helm of affairs of the manufacturing unit which has attributed to the high quality of AVVVS products.


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