The founder of AVVVS Sree Kaloor Neelakandan Vaidyar took himself into Ayurveda with the vision of taking healing and health to the needy. Anchoring on to the same principles of the ancestors, the present management of AVVVS has envisaged a special concept of Ayurvaram Clinics. A chain of clinics are being established under the brand name of AYURVARAM which is a successful marriage of modern technology with authentic Ayurveda.

Fresh Ayurveda graduates are selected through a detailed screening process and trained by AVVVS in establishing and successfully operating an Ayurveda clinic. On completion of the training they are assisted in setting an independent clinic under the AYURVARAM brand.

AYURVARAM is a blessing to the fresh graduates aspiring for a successful career, especially young lady doctors as special privileges are given to lady doctors as part of AVVVS policy of women empowerment. Also the uniformity of the brand facilitates and its networked operations are helpful for patients to seek AYURVARAM services wherever they go.

The optimized automation of the processes means proper documentation of the operations which in turn can serve as a data bank for research and developmental activities. Thus AYURVARAM chain of clinics are a giant leap by AVVVS towards Ayurveda promotion, improvement of public health, research, documentation and above all bring uniformity at the clinical levels.

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