Quality Control

The stringent quality control department at AVVVS makes no compromise when it comes to strictly adhering to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) stipulated by the Government of India. All the processes right from sampling through specifications, testing, documentation and release parameters conform to international quality norms and benchmarks at AVVVS.

The hawk eyed department maintains an array of tests to ensure quality right from the start

1)The raw materials and any material that enters the unit are monitored right at the entry level to take in only those that meet the set specifications.

2)The quality control staff analyse the products at each stage of manufacturing to rule out any defective procedure and to make sure the production process is perfect .
3)Finished products are strictly evaluated and only those that meet the set standards are passed for distribution.

The management has given a free hand and complete authority to approve or reject anything from raw materials to finished products, containers, labels and packaging according to the quality control standards. This has made AVVVS deliver quality products to the society by adhering to the GMP guidelines.

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