Our Team

Our Founder Shree Neelakandan Vaidyar by way of divine intervention opted voluntarily and wholeheartedly to serve the society by supporting people to live a healthy life through the practice of Ayurveda. He nurtured a vision to spread knowledge and health through Ayurveda. His deep knowledge, beaming confidence, strong faith and belief in Ayurveda transformed into a determination to develop authentic Ayurveda medicines for the benefit of the community. Through continuous efforts and hard work he started and built up the Arya Vaidya Vilasilni Vaidya Sala by introducing innovative techniques in the manufacture of most effective Ayurveda medicines.

Sree Neelakandan Vaidyar was very particular about the team he was going to work with and hence handpicked the best team available for his Vaidya Sala.

His vision and continuous improvisation strategy established AVVVS products in the industry and since then the organisation has never looked back. With the passage of time most of the starting team has now retired from AVVVS after setting a firm foundation to the institution. The founder team did groom a very efficient young team which made the transition smooth, and the operations flawless.

At AVVVS, the object of perfect produce is the aim of everyone and we foster a culture of dedication and loyalty. We have dedicated Ayurveda doctors and production managers who are assisted by in house quality controllers. Our R & D functions under an Ayurveda specialist with update knowledge of Ayurveda, and the needs of the present society haunted by surging epidemics and gripped by modern life style diseases.


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